BoomER Rocks

And Here Is Why!

BoomER Emergency Response is an ideal, all-in-one, personal safety solution with a host of features that make your purchasing decision easy.

  • Encourages proactive wellness.
  • Helps seniors live mobile and active lives while feeling safe.
  • Broad customer base – designed for active seniors and people with chronic illnesses, as well as their family members, caregivers and professionals.
  • No installation – set-up and device management is easy because it comes pre-configured and does not require any on-site installation.
  • Integrates with existing monitoring systems.
  • Pendant and wristband are lightweight, very durable, shock-resistant and water resistant.
  • High voice quality and clarity.
  • Base station is quick-and-easy to install anywhere in the home.
  • Leading edge fall detection – detects falls via multiple sensors. Automatically calls your response team if it senses you have fallen.
  • Provides emergency notifications (via email and Facebook messenger) when a fall has occurred.
  • GPS and network location services provide an approximate location and location history.
  • Audible/voice prompt feature alerts you when there is any problem with the system
  • Unit is portable – the system can be moved when you travel inside of North America (simply notify the monitoring centre and update contact information).
  • Optional lock-box (fees may apply) to store a key to your home. In case of an emergency we send the combination to emergency response personnel for quick entry without causing unwanted damage to windows and doors by firefighters.