Changing the Lives of Seniors

Help, I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up

We all know “that” infomercial from the late 80’s. The one where the senior citizen is stuck on the bathroom floor yelling for help. Today, emergency alert systems have come a long way to improve the lives of individuals “at-risk” – helping them remain in their own home for as long as possible.

Advanced technology has not only increased the monitoring range within the home but now extends to virtually anywhere – with GPS technology. Perfect for those who want to lead active lives with freedom and dignity. Be it gardening or light chores, playing outside with the grandchildren or traveling. How about going out for a walk on the beach, skiing, shopping or just going for a coffee with friends.

With around the clock medical monitoring services, seniors today (and their loved ones), get peace-of-mind knowing that the smart sensors technology will automatically call the response team, if an emergency happens. Seniors maintain personal control and are no longer prisoners in their own home. With benefits like this, who wouldn’t want to give the gift of freedom?

The “411”

Assistance At The Push Of A Button

An emergency response system is simple to understand. A main base station, featuring a control panel is set-up, which provides instant two-way voice communication to a monitoring station.

It comes with user friendly “wearable technology” in the form of a pendant (worn as a necklace or wristband), that tracks and monitors the movement of the user and is easily incorporated into the daily routine.

When a loved one is unable to move due to an accident, they simply press the button on the pendant they are wearing and emergency assistance is sent immediately.

Independence & Security

Who Needs An Emergency Alert System?

Anyone. Even you. A physically disabled friend. A cherished loved one living at home alone or in a nursing home. Or baby boomers with zip who fill their days enjoying the outdoors and nights socializing on the town with friends.

No matter if they are sedentary or actively living out their golden years by checking off items from their bucket list …we all know accidents and emergencies are bound to happen.

Especially when you are aging and at risk for heart attacks, strokes and seizures. The visually impaired, memory loss sufferers and those who are unstable on their feet – all face the same heightened risk of falling.

And when an accident does occur, BoomER Emergency Response System provides an instant connection to our trained operators who will send emergency assistance immediately. Or, in a non-emergency situation, will notify a preregistered relative or friend who lives nearby to offer assistance.