Persuading Others

We all want those we care about to live their best possible lives in their retirement years. And when that day arrives to discuss their health, safety and security (either due to a recent accident or simply planning ahead), you may have some persuading to do.

Here are some talking points to use when you broach the subject of welcoming the BoomER Emergency Response System into the home:

  • an alert system would give provide peace of mind to your loved one. Explain how it makes you feel reassured (knowing there is a system in place for emergencies).
  • it is very costly to hire help, even on a part-time basis. Whereas BoomER costs less than a coffee a day.
  • when an accident or household emergency does occur – help is close by.
  • getting help quickly will minimize the physical and psychological effect of the situation (recovery and return to independence is proven to be faster).
  • preventing accidents in the future means seniors are more likely to remain in their own home longer (a mutually agreed goal).
  • the alternative is moving to assisted living, a nursing home or 24hr care facility – something you both wish to avoid and situations seniors fear most.
  • explain there will be no major changes to the home – the base unit is unobtrusive and simple to use.
  • the pendant (worn as a necklace or on the wrist), is nothing to be ashamed of wearing.
  • introduce canes, walkers, bed rails and even a scooter as other tools available to prevent the risk of falls and accidents.
  • emergency response systems are highly recommend by professional caregivers, doctors and nurses.
  • planning ahead for the future is important for everyone involved.