How to Help Seniors Stay in their Home Longer

How to Help Seniors Stay in their Home Longer

It’s not easy getting older – especially when mobility, vision and other factors hinder the ability of seniors to enjoy the independence of living in their own home. Whether it’s a parent, friend, relative or even yourself, there will always be unique challenges that come along with the ageing process, which will require patience and openness to change. Though a large majority of the senior population will eventually require long-term care, there are many useful strategies for helping seniors stay in their home as long as possible. Here are some practical ways to help you or a loved one maintain freedom and independence for as long as possible in the comfort of home.


Home Modifications

The home may be where we feel most safe and comfortable, but it’s also where the majority of falls and serious injuries happen for seniors. Each year, 20% to 30% of Canadians aged 65 and older experience a fall – and many of these falls cause 85% of seniors’ injury-related hospitalizations. 


If you or a loved one has lived in the same house for decades, chances are there may be some hazards lurking around the home. That’s why updates and modifications are essential. Start by thinking ahead and inspecting the home to determine what areas could use some improvements. This could include adding a ramp along the exterior steps, making sure the walkways are well-lit at night, installing handrails along the stairs and throughout the bathroom, changing doorknobs and cabinet fixture to pull handles, and widening doorways if necessary. You can also find certified specialists who can assist you in determining what’s needed.


At-Home Caregiving Services

Home healthcare services can be very beneficial for enabling seniors to stay put in their homes for longer. Whether it’s for medical purposes, hygiene and personal care, housekeeping or even companionship, an in-home nurse or PSW can make all the difference. At-home care can provide seniors with the services they need while giving family members peace of mind at the same time.


Regular Engagement With Friends And Family

Social engagement is a crucial part of maintaining optimal health – both physically and mentally, in seniors. Studies have shown just how important it is to have daily interactions with others, whether it’s family, friends, neighbours or even the postman. Planning regular visits with ageing loved ones or having them over for weekly dinners to get them out of the house and back in a social setting can keep their body and mind more active and alert.


Staying Active

Regular exercise is also an important part of maintaining independence at home. As we age, our body starts to lose muscle mass and bone density unless we work to maintain it. That’s why staying active is important. Sign up for a senior aquatic class, join Tai Chi, yoga or hire a personal trainer to focus on improving strength and flexibility. Beyond keeping the body and mind active, it also helps to reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries by improving coordination and balance.


Taking Advantage of Technology

Technology is truly amazing. Today, it allows us to do so many things we never thought possible. And now it’s helping seniors (and their families) reap the benefits, too. Personal care and emergency devices give active and independent seniors the ability to maintain their personal freedom and safety while at home. This type of wearable technology lets seniors access help 24/7 with GPS location services, 2-way voice communication, instant messaging, and much more. So they can go about their daily routines knowing they can access help if and whenever they need it.

Want to give your ageing parent or relative the ability to stay put in the comfort of home for as long as possible? With the help of the Boomer Alert Emergency Response System, you can! This personal safety and wellness device utilizes cutting-edge, fall detection technology. With around-the-clock assistance, instant mobile alerts and more, it’s a convenient and reliable solution for helping our ageing population maintain their dignity and independence at home. To learn more or order yours today, click here.

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