5 Wearable Technologies All Seniors Need

5 Wearable Technologies All Seniors Need

Are you looking for the best tech products for seniors? If you or an aging loved one is suffering from a health condition that needs more intricate monitoring or if they’re living alone at home and want a gadget to make life easier and safer, here are 5 of the most popular wearable technologies that all seniors need and can benefit from.

Lively Wearable

Seniors can get help anywhere and at any time with Lively. If you suddenly feel unwell and need assistance immediately, all you need to do is push the button, and an Urgent Response Agent will be notified. The agent will then confirm your location, evaluate your situation and contact emergency responders if required. The device also comes with a GreatCall Link app so that friends and family can be immediately notified when you’ve contacted 5Star. Unlike traditional immediate help devices, this wearable device is barely noticeable and is worn like a watch. It’s waterproof, Bluetooth connected and features a sleek design that comes in white and gold or grey and silver. The device also comes with a specially designed lanyard that has fall detection when worn.

BodyGuardian® Heart

Those who suffer from heart conditions can get more peace of mind with the BodyGuardian Heart monitor. This small wireless monitor simply attaches to your chest to detect arrhythmia in patients. Wearing it throughout the day will help track your heart rhythms and transmit the data to an app on a patient’s smartphone as well as to the doctor through a portal. It is designed to help your doctor diagnose any potential problems and give early notice of any irregularities.

GPS SmartSole®

If you have a relative with dementia or Alzheimer’s, you might want to consider getting them a GPS SmartSole®. This tiny GPS tracker is sealed inside a trim-able shoe insole to help track and log movements. Every few minutes, the GPS uses cellular connectivity to send updates to the monitoring system. So, if a person happens to wander away, family members and caregivers can track and find them through the SmartLocator app before anything happens. Alerts can also be set up to receive links to the known location via email and text messages.
Just like a smartphone, the wearable technology of GPS SmartSole requires a data plan for connectivity. There are two options currently available, starting at $14.95 US per month.

Dexcom G5®

You can now monitor your blood glucose levels on the go with the Dexcom G5® continuous glucose monitoring system. This three-component device includes a small wearable device that contains a sensor to measure glucose levels and a transmitter that sends data to the Dexcom G5® Mobile App, which allows you to view your levels in real-time. The app allows up to five people to instantly monitor your blood glucose levels with their smart devices. It also provides customizable alerts that can alarm you if your levels are trending low.

BoomER Alert

Both high-risk and independent seniors looking for an all-in-one mobile solution should consider trying BoomER Alert – a personal medical alert system equipped with a hands-free, 2-way voice communicator that focuses on the health, wellness and personal safety of our aging population. It is designed to detect falls with utmost accuracy while minimizing false alarms due to the advanced multi-sensor smart fall detection technology, ensuring 24/ 7 personal security and care.

In the event of a fall (accident or emergency), the device automatically contacts the call centre and dispatches emergency services while simultaneously alerting loved ones via Facebook messenger or email. BoomER Alert’s wearable technology is a lightweight pendant that can be worn around the neck or as a wristband. Both are highly water-resistant and can be worn in the shower or bath. It is also equipped with GPS location services — providing care in/outside the home virtually anywhere/anytime. Innovative technology and life-saving capabilities make BoomER Alert the most proactive emergency response device on the market today. This device provides both freedom and peace-of-mind to the elderly and their families and friends. It’s Canadian made and sold nationwide. To learn more about this latest tech device, visit our website today!

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