Using Technology to Ensure Seniors Stay Safe 101

Using Technology to Ensure Seniors Stay Safe 101

Our parents, friends and ageing relatives mean a lot to us – so naturally, we want to know that they’re safe and sound while they remain at home on their own. But how can we make sure that happens? With more and more seniors choosing to stay put in the comfort of their home for as long as possible, technology is playing an integral role for allowing more of our ageing population to stay active, independent and healthier at home. Tech gadgets have come a long way over the years, and today, there’s a range of new devices that are making the at-home option more affordable, convenient and safe. With seniors outnumbering children now, and with life expectancy rates expected to increase, it’s an important avenue to explore. If you have concerns about leaving your loved one at home unattended, read on to learn more about the benefits of using technology to ensure seniors stay safe.


Smart Home Technology

With the ageing population rapidly increasing and projected to double over the next 30 years, smart home technology is beginning to play a fundamental role in giving seniors the mobility and freedom to stay put at home. Everyday tasks can become a safety concern for seniors, whether it’s cooking, running a bath or performing other basic household chores. But with the number of smart gadgets entering the market, they’re helping to create a safer and more enjoyable environment.


Take, for instance, cooking – forgetting to turn off the stove or oven can be a danger for our loved ones. But with the help of new devices, like Inirv React (which is still in the testing phase), the stove can be turned off via a smartphone. It also includes motion sensors, so it knows when to switch off after an extended period of inactivity. And this is only the tip of the iceberg for new technologies that are being developed to assist with senior living.


Mobility & Memory

Having an ageing loved one who is suffering from mobility issues or is living with dementia can make at-home care not only more worrisome and challenging but more costly too. Thankfully, innovative companies like Canadian-based AGE-WELL, are helping to make life easier for seniors who are living with these challenges. In partnership with universities and the health care industry, they’ve created unique, pressure-sensitive flooring that can monitor movement, balance, and redirect dementia patients with sensors if they wander off. Another example is the tech-based clock, Reminder Rose, that lets you record reminders that can be scheduled to broadcast messages whenever you choose.



Staying on top of daily medication doses is a crucial part of life for many seniors. But it’s not always practical to have someone there to administer meds. And skipping doses or taking pills at the wrong time can have serious consequences. That’s where digital pill dispensers, like MedMinder, can help.  While resembling a standard weekly medicine tray, this nifty device gets filled by a caregiver and unlocks when it’s ready to take a certain pill, while still keeping the other pills locked. The device flashes when opened and beeps if the pills are left in the tray. You can also log in online to remotely view whether the meds have been taken. And if they haven’t, there’s also an option to prerecord a message to remind them. If that fails, they’ll get a personal call, and the family will be notified.


Emergency Response Systems

No adult child ever wants to learn that their parent took a fall and was left on their own and in pain for hours before someone was notified. That’s where Emergency Response Devices can really help. Emergency and personal safety systems have come a long way since the basic standard alert systems from the past. Today, devices like the Boomer Alert system incorporate cutting-edge technology, like GPS tracking services for virtual care anywhere, along with two-way voice communication, multi-sensor smart fall detection, 24/7 assistance that automatically contacts a call centre in case of a detected fall, and much more. This wearable technology is lightweight and is even water-resistant so it can be kept on in the shower or bath.


Senior care can be complex and challenging – especially when our loved ones want to remain at home for as long as possible. Thankfully, technology is helping to give seniors the ability to do just that while providing family members with some peace of mind too. The best part is we’re no longer in the era where tech-based gadgets cost an astronomical amount. For the most part, a majority of new-age technologies and devices are affordable and even miniaturized so they can easily be stored or worn without being noticeable or aggravating. Plus, they can help to eliminate the need to hire at-home care, which helps you save more.


To learn more about the Boomer Alert Emergency Response System and how it can improve the quality of life for you and your ageing loved one, click here.

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